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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  July 29, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we are following three big stories this afternoon. we begin with breaking news involving the death debate. president obama just issued another stern warning as another vote is on the horizon on capitol hill. jennifer is following the latest for us from the newsroom. >> lawmakers have until next tuesday to pass a bill that
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would allow the u.s. to borrow more money but they still have not done it. president came out this morning and told both parties to come to a compromise or everyone will suffer, and that, he says, is inexcusable. republican house speaker john boehner's response is that the debate is still on hold. the democrat majority leader is moving forward with his measure. the president said, "we are almost out of time. the country's credit rating could be lowered which would mean higher interest rates on car loans and mortgages." he says that must be avoided, so he is again calling americans to action urging them to tell their representatives to do their job. >> all the american people -- keep it up. if you want to see a bipartisan compromise, a bill that can pass both houses of congress and that i can sign, let your members of congress know. make a phone call, send an e-
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mail tweet. keep the pressure on washington, and we can get past this. >> a leader in washington said if the debt ceiling is not race, we could have another recession on our hands. -- if the debt ceiling is not raised. we will have more at 5:00. >> thank you for the latest there. one person is dead after a wall collapsed at a construction site in maryland. this happened at the new casino being built near arundel mills mall in hanover. >> you can see that the crews are still working here. we are here at the western end of the mall and this construction site is for the new casino the slot casino being built on the property. we can go to some video and show you what happened.
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a 27-year-old man is dead. a 35-year-old man is fighting for his life. both were construction workers at the site here in some fashion or another dealing with a very large wall that had been placed in a vertical position here. one of the men was operating a piece of equipment a truck. the wall fell, trapped in the man in the bucket. that man is dead, we are sad to report at this hour. the other man the 35-year-old man, was hit by the wall but was not trapped. he has been transported with life-threatening injuries. we are not sure what they were doing to the wall, but this is a construction site in its very early stages. we understand this was about a 40-foot tall section of precast concrete that as we said, had been placed in a vertical position. we do not know why it collapsed how that happened, but it did fall on the man in the bucket truck and the other man who was
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working, presumably we are told, on the ground. one of the problems here is it is a very hot day. we are in the middle of an asphalt parking lot. rescue crews have to rest -- worked for 15 minutes and rest 45, so the fire department is rotating crews in and out now as they work to try to retrieve the man's body from this many tons of rubble. it is certainly a sad scene. construction work has stopped and both have been pulled away. we have not had a chance to talk to anyone who was on the scene. we called a spokesperson for the construction company, and they have not yet return our phone calls. bottom line is -- this wall collapsed. one man is dead. one is fighting for his life. back to you. >> what a horrible story. brad mentioned the blistering heat. that is our third big story. temperatures could rise into the triple digits once again today. our meteorologist is here to
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tell us just how much heat we will have to deal with. >> breaking weather news -- we have now broken the record at dulles international airport here look at the current temperature at 98 degrees. here it is just noon and reagan national at 99 degrees. what does it feel like outside? feels like 107 at the airport. 1064 dulles -- 106 for dulles. 36 days at or above 90 degrees so far this year. by this time last year, we have 44 days. that was a record-tying year of 67 times at 90 degrees or better. today's record highs -- there you see them. we broke a couple, and we will probably break all of them. >> we will find out when relief is going to be here. this is no surprise -- the
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latest heat wave is leading some people to say enough is enough. we go to the national all we're beating the heat has proven to be quite a challenge. >> good afternoon. we have been out here all morning and afternoon, and the heat is getting worse and worse as the hours go on. thousands of people out on the national mall right now. a lot of conventions and festivals going on this weekend and i can tell you -- talking to all these people, they admit there is no way to escape this heat. >> cooking hot popcorn in a high bass on a hot day can be downright miserable -- in a hot bath. this cattle corn vendor set up shop at the farmer's market. standing outside under the scorching sun is a tough sell. >> no escaping it when is this hot. >> tracy is also trying to stay cool.
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she set up several fans in her area of the farmer's market because sometimes the heat can be bad for business. >> sales are affected by the heat. a lot of the produce that needs to be cooked will not sell as well, so we cut back on that. we bring more of our fresh fruit, things that people can eat. >> while food is on some minds water is on the minds of kathy. >> i just take a break and drink as much water as i want. makes a huge difference. >> we saw people running biking and simply walking under the glaring, relentless sun. even the birds tried cooling down any way they could. not too far away, we found a man from dallas, texas, who came to d.c. expecting to get away from the heat but he was sadly mistaken. >> that is why i am in the shade until the museum opens up. trying to beat the heat. i thought i'd be -- i beat it
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when i flew out here. >> d.c. public works has announced that starting monday, they will start picking up trash an hour early because of all of that heat. it will start at 6:00 in the morning instead of 7:00, so make sure next week to put out your trash an hour earlier. >> important information. thanks for that. you can keep track of the rising mercury and the seven-day forecast 24 hours a day. just click on the weather tab on our web site, -- website new details in the murder of a local woman. her body was found lying on a balcony, and investigators will not say how she died except that she suffered trauma to her body. fairfax county police say
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that a family was abducted robert, and left in a remote area last night -- conducted, robbed, and left in a remote area. the man tied up a teenager and ordered the father of the family to drive the group to a secluded business park. at one point the father was put in the trunk of the car. he suffered cuts and bruises. police only had a vague description of the suspect. traffic is moving once again on i-95. an accident involving three trucks cause major accidents this morning. two tractor-trailer's and a box truck were involved in the accident -- two tractor-trailers and a box truck. at one point, three right lanes were blocked so that a fuel spill could be cleaned up. family and friends of a frederick county teenagers say they are heartbroken just days after the 17-year-old was killed
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in a car accident. last night they gathered at a local high school to honor her life. she was in a car with two friends wednesday night when the vehicle slammed into a tree. >> i just want everyone to know what a beautiful fun loving, compassionate girl she was. >> this is just -- everything is new for us, with what we are going through. >> the driver suffered minor injuries. another passenger who was critically hurt is expected to survive. we are following new developments as investigators try to figure out what allegedly caused a 21-year-old muslim soldier to try to launch another attack on fort hood in taxes. police say they found a book called "how to make a bomb in your kitchen" in the suspects
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's ho -- the suspect's hotel room. >> i refused to go to afghanistan because it was against my islamic tradition. >> police say the 21-year-old was planning what they describe as a terror attack on fellow u.s. soldiers. he went to a gun shop near the fort hood army base in texas and paid cash for ammunition and gun powder. the clerk who sold him the material -- a marine and retired cop -- thought something was not right. >> if i am uncomfortable i do something. >> the army put his discharge on hold after allegedly finding child pornography on his government computer appeared on july 4, he went awol and left fort campbell, kentucky, where he is based. investigators say he set his sights on fort hood, the same base traumatized in 2009 when major hassan allegedly killed 13
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and wounded 30 others. he said he wanted to get even with the military and plans to detonate two bombs at a restaurant near the base and shoot any survivors. >> we've made a decision to call the police, and, fortunately it worked out well. >> when police found the suspect at a nearby hotel, and ammunition and components to build two bombs. they also found a book that came from the english-language al qaeda magazine. authorities believe he acted alone, but they consider self- radicalization by westerners with outside -- with access to al qaeda propaganda a growing threat. when we continue, the proposal that could lead to a less stressful commute on one of our area's busiest highways. plus, we check in on the redskins' training camp as the team gears up for the season without a few familiar faces. later, we track a tropical storm, but find out why it is a welcome sign for people in the
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gulf region.
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find your sleep number and join over 7 million people who love their bed. only at the sleep number store where queen mattresses start at just $699. the d.c. national guard officially welcomed home about 50 soldiers this morning. the ceremony took place at the national guard armory on east capitol street in southeast washington. the servicemen and women recently returned from deployments in iraq and afghanistan. after the -- after the end of the lockout the nfl off- season in -- is in overdrive. the first full day of practice for the redskins, and the team says hello to some new faces and goodbye to some old ones. also free agent steven bauer is
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expected to replace daniels. the former cowboy has reportedly agreed to pay deal with millions of dollars. we are honest -- we are on storm watch this afternoon. tropical storm don could reach the texas coast later tonight or early this morning. the storm is packing winds of 50 miles an hour right now. a tropical storm warning is in effect. the storm could drum up to 6 inches of rain when it comes onshore. i'm sure a lot of residence in texas are welcoming this. they need that maine. >> it is not going to turn into a hurricane. it will remain a tropical storm. we will talk about it later on today, but the heat is the big story for this afternoon. have you been outside lately? hot, hot. look at annapolis.
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nice day to go sailing if you can get the time off. call for sunshine and record- breaking heat across the area. look at the temperature right now. reagan national airport, 99 degrees. feels like 107 with wins out of the west/northwest at 13 miles an hour -- wins -- winds out of the west/nw. we have broken the record at dulles, now at 90 degrees. 100 in reston, virginia, feels like 110 appear in '98 in alexandria. feels like 106. our final stop takes us to downtown d.c., where it feels like 103. here we are just 20 minutes after noon, a lot of time to heat things up. heat index well into the triple digits. 103 -- that is what it feels
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like in quantico, down in orange field, 104. 10948 index reading right now in fredericksburg -- 109 for a heat index reading. we will see heat index readings rising to around 110 if not higher than that. there is some cooler air out there that will eventually make its way to our area. dew point levels right now holding tour around the 70- degree mark. today, record heat. hazy hot, and human. 98 to 103 degrees tonight. we will see lower 70's in our northern and western suburbs. 90 to 95 degrees tomorrow. also note a chance for a few pop up severe thunderstorms later on tonight and tomorrow. only about 20% or 30% chance. if you find yourself in one of
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the storms, they will have the potential to drop a lot of rain, and you have some gusty winds. then there is a cool down. >> looking forward to a little bit of relief. thanks for that. a heads up for drivers in frederick. you might want to slow down because two new speed cameras were activated this morning. the city has installed six cameras since may, all near schools on spirit by latest say -- violators face a $40 fine if they go more than 30 miles over the speed limit. transportation authorities are trying to make the ride along 66 a lot smoother for drivers. vdot is imposing in a traffic management system to steer drivers around trouble spots. the system will cost $32 million and will take years to implement. still become right here on abc 7
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news at noon, we go live to new york for a preview of tonight's special "20/20" with more on the rare disease that steals children's youth.
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this deadly disease affects just a handful of children around the world. the result -- children age at 10 times the normal rate. the condition is the focus of tonight's "20/20." we go live to new york for a preview. we were just talking -- this is such a touching story to see
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these two young girls who just have the energy and usefulness of children, but yet they are stuck in an elderly person's body -- energy and youthfulness. >> only 18 known children in the world suffer from it, and it causes the body to age at 10 times the normal rate. they are only five or six years old, but their bodies are like that of a 70-year-old woman but the light and spirit and spunk in these little girls is pretty amazing. barbara walters interviews them and their families, and the entire community really comes around and supports these families. we also talked to the very oldest surviving child with the disease, who is just 13 years old. that is the life expectancy rate. her body can teach us all secrets about aging and things we can all learn but they are amazing girls. they really are. >> absolutely. you can imagine the impact on their families. tell us how they have been affected by this. >> when the babies are born,
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they look normal. as one father said, "i counted 10 fingers and toes and thought that we had a healthy baby." then they noticed that she did not grow. at four months of age she weighed the same as when she was born, and that is when they knew something was wrong. doctors are puzzled as well. but i think the story is not about the medicine so much as it is about the heart of these children and how they persevere. they know there's something wrong with them. they are awfully little still and the courage of these families, these parents who bravely go through the world knowing that they have very limited numbers of days with these children. it makes every parent, myself included when i was watching it, just say a prayer of thanks that their kids are healthy. >> they are truly inspiring. thank you so much. you can see barbara walters' full report tonight it 10:00
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right here on abc 7, and be sure to stay with us for the news at 11:00.
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and look at your extended outlook -- 100 to today? not out of the question. we will shatter the record at the reagan national. be aware -- some chance for thunderstorms later tonight. >> thanks for being with us.
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